4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay free strategy

Free strategy to get MoRE 4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay

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4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay

The strategy to get More 4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay :

Also check out the third part of this strategy to learn how to optimize your mobile traffic for maximum revenue with Facebook Instant Articles.

OK, so this is one hell of an article I’ve been waiting to write for a long time. I didn’t, because when I was about to, Facebook decided to change a lot of things in their algorithm and the whole strategy changed.

This still works and but it has changed a lot. You can still make a lot of money and bank hard if you have the budget. I was making from $100 to $350 PER DAY back in 2013-2016 with this whole strategy, and even though it might take more budget now to start, you can still make more than $5-10k per month with this strategy.

In fact, I know some people earning more than $10,000 per month with this and the good things are you can have it as a side business, 100% automated, and making money for you. I’ll keep this post updated in case this changes, but I’m sure it still works in September 2019. The faster you start, the better.

Things you need
A Website with a VPS or Dedicated server (I recommend Vultr. CLICK HERE TO GET A $50 BONUS CREDIT)
An Adsense account at the beginning, and later an account with a CPM/CPA advertising company. A great alternative in case you don’t have Adsense for this strategy is Media.net.
A Facebook Ads account with a credit card or Paypal
A Facebook Fan Page and some budget to start. I’d recommend $1,000 at least. $1,000 – $1,500 per month would be perfect.

Niche Site

4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay

How does it get ? 4000 Visitors To Your Website

Free Traffic 2021

The concept is simple, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Basically, what you’re going to do is to create a viral news website with a basic WordPress installation and send a ton of traffic to it.


How much traffic? Thousands of visitors per day. As much as your budget allows you. Some people send more than 1 million visitors to their website PER DAY. But you don’t need that much. Start with 1k per day and then aim for 5k, 20k, and keep growing.


Lastly, the idea is that you generate great (but simple) articles with viral images, videos, or stories, and make them go viral with Facebook. When the people visit your blog, they’ll find Google Adsense’s ads and you’ll earn money from the clicks you receive.


I recommend Adsense because the Ads will be totally irrelevant if you use almost any other CPC network, but if Adsense is out of your options for any reason, try Adversal from this alternative article.


Sooner or later, you’ll want to move to a CPM based network, but you’ll need at least half a million visits per month to move to the next level. So don’t worry just yet.


I recently explained the reason why Google Adsense beats almost any other alternative, especially if your traffic isn’t organic (i.e. not from search queries). Because we’re going to send a chunk of traffic directly from Facebook, we want somewhat relevant ads even if they’re not coming from search engines, and you know… Google controls a good part of your life, so they can serve decent ads to your audience even if they come from Social Media sites


Here’s a screenshot of one of my best days. Check where most of my traffic was coming from:


Also, be sure to try this even if you’re on a tight budget because I’m going to show you how to earn money with CPA offers (no Adsense or CPC/CPM networks) and make a few extra thousands per month with paid traffic in my next’s week article

Shall we start? strategy 4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay

4000 Visitors To Your Website Essay

I’ll divide this into 3 steps. You need to rinse and repeat after analyzing your data. I’m glad most of it has been covered and you’ll see that it’s not as difficult as you think, but it takes some time and a good plan with a budget.


Make your website go viral!


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